Pilar’s Daily Dish #59 – 2016.11.22 One Delicious Soup. One Delicious Salad. One great pairing!

Pilar’s Daily Dish

Today, our Chefs are preparing our Mediterranean Leafless Greek Salad, with luscious chunks of vibrant Roma tomatoes, crisp seedless cucumber, yellow peppers and red onion, tossed in our Chef’s house-made Greek dressing, and topped with fresh Feta cheese, marinated Kalamata olives and chickpeas. After this, they are pairing it with our delicious Split Pea and Bourbon Bacon Chowder, which is a creamy blend of braised split peas, bourbon caramelized onions and Yukon Gold potatoes, garnished with double-smoked bacon and fresh green scallions.

Pilar's Daily Dish

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