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A Brief History of Food

Claudius Galen, Chief Physician to the Roman Army, first said, “An Army Marches on its Stomach.” (Of course, he probably said it in either Latin or Greek, but for the sake of simplicity of the translation, we’ll go with English.) He wasn’t wrong. The Roman Empire were the most powerful economic, cultural, political and military forces in the world of its time, and were responsible for many advances that carried into the modern world, especially when it came to food.

Prepared food was sold at pubs and bars, inns, and food stalls, and even carryout meals and restaurant dining were available, if only for the lower classes. The Romans even had fine dining, provided only at private dinner parties in well-to-do houses with a Chef and trained kitchen staff, and at banquets hosted by Social Clubs.

(I’m not making this up. You can read more on this on Wikipedia!)

Indeed, the Romans may have been the first to introduce catered events to the modern world. In my research, I even found a little-known text, written by Pilaria Carrius XXIX, the Personal Chef to Roman Nobleman, Consus Corporatis, that stated, “In eisdem rerum digna optimus cum te merito mutare saporem.” Roughly translated, it says, “When you deserve the best in catered events, you deserve a change of taste.”

Famed for providing the best gourmet food in the Roman Empire, the stories of Pilaria Carrius were legendary, with people traveling across many lands to dine at the home of the nobleman. It only seems fitting that today, hundreds of years after the fall of the Roman Empire, the mantle of “A Change Of Taste” lives on.


The Modern World

Fast-forward to today, long after the Roman Empire had fallen, and we have given rise to a new level of quality of life. Our businesses thrive, both small and large, and yet, the old sayings still hold true. An army does truly march on its stomach, and in business, this is no different.

When you host your own corporate event, whether it’s a working lunch or a thank-you for a job well done, you want your employees to enjoy it. How often have we heard comments such as, “this again?” when selecting from others’ catered food choices? With our competitors providing sub-standard fare, and commonplace items with no originality, why do we continually get sucked into the “we’ll just order what we had last time” spiral?

This doesn’t happen with Pilar’s Catering. When we cater your function, we go all out. Each of our recipes is customized to provide only the best flavours with a gourmet flair, and we provide the added appeal of Professional Event Managers to make sure everything is perfect, every single time.


You only have to compare our signature quality to any of your present catering options to see that Pilar’s Catering is, far and away, your best choice. All of the items on our menu are freshly selected, professionally prepared, and beautifully presented. It is true that “you first eat with your eyes”, and that’s why we aren’t content with providing you a substandard experience.


At Pilar’s Catering, we challenge you to compare your existing catering options with ours. We are confident that you will be impressed with our professionalism, our preparation, and of course, our gourmet food. You and your employees deserve only the best, and we are more than happy to provide this for you.

Call us today at 905.556.0087, or contact us using our online form, and let us give you and your employees an event worthy of history.


Editor’s Note: While I have been called upon to provide proof of the story above, unfortunately, after writing this post, the scroll on which the story of ‘Pilaria Carrius’ was written has somehow mysteriously vanished. I’m guessing that it held a particular piece of secret information important to Nicolas Cage, and as such, he has ‘borrowed it’ and is off on yet another world-hopping mystery… I wish Mr. Cage all the luck on finding his latest National Treasure.