It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Let’s just get this out of the way right now…


Yes, it’s true. The holidays are on their way.

As hard as we try, we can’t stop them from coming. Pretty soon, we’ll all be in the same place. We’ll be in our kitchens, faces covered in flour, stepping in the sticky mess that we spilled hours ago, all while the smoke alarm is blaring because our turkey lies as a burnt husk in the stove.

What happens next? DING, DONG!

Yup. That’s the doorbell. Our guests are arriving! We are nowhere close to being ready. (In fact, if you’re like me, you’re still wearing the jogging pants you wore to bed and the “What-me-worry?” t-shirt you sent away to Mad Magazine for in 1983. No? Just me? Ok, then.)

For many, it happens the same way every year. We’re caught by surprise when our guests arrive early, or worse – when they arrive on time, and the food is nowhere close to being ready. (I can personally tell you of one time when my family had to order pizza during the holidays, after finding out too late that our stove wasn’t working. Salmonella turkey, anyone? Yummy.)


I would love to say it gets easier. In fact, every year, I say the same thing. “Next year will be DIFFERENT! Next year, I’m going to get everything planned ahead of time, and get everything done in time for my guests arrival.”

Unfortunately, even when there’s all the time in the world, we can rush around as much as we want, but we will never achieve that perfect vision we’ve set for ourselves.

We dream of beautifully arranged snacks laid out on the coffee table, and the smell of turkey wafting in from the kitchen. Drink in hand, we approach the door as we hear our guests’ cars arriving – one at a time – and greet each at the door, perfect parents with their perfect children in their perfect outfits, with their perfect smiles and perfect hair… All, just… Perfect.

But that’s never what happens.

Our guests arrive, usually as frazzled as we are, with their children (usually the “of the corn” variety) in tow, disheveled and tired from the drive, and in search of some respite. Before you know it, they’ve got their shoes off, their well-worn socks perched atop our coffee table, and we’re desperately trying to stop their kids from seeing who can swing the cat by his tail the longest. Well, isn’t that… perfect.

We always rush around, trying to get everything right, and hardly ever getting the chance to enjoy the holidays. There’s shopping, cleaning, cooking and so much preparation, that we can’t get ahead. It happens the same way, every year. We’ve conditioned ourselves to want what TV has sold us for years – the “perfect holiday”.

We want “It’s A Wonderful Life” and not “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.


For all of the added stress that the holidays bring with them, there’s still hope. Have no fear, you will survive, as you have for countless seasons before. You are strong, and no matter what the holidays throw at you, you have the strength to power through! (Or, you could just admit it. The holidays can be rough.)

It’s okay to ask for help! We’re here for you.

At Pilar’s Catering, we’re all about simplifying your holidays. We have different catering options that we can provide – from quick pick-up, and ready to heat meals, to full catering services – to give you at least a couple of hours of enjoyment through the holidays. You may not have the perfect holiday, but you can have the perfect gourmet meal.

So, while we can’t save you from being overrun by your guests, we can at least give you some time back into your day to relax, enjoy a drink, and enjoy some delicious food. And who knows, maybe the food will distract the children long enough to give the cat a chance to hide. Maybe. (I’m sorry, but while we do provide the best gourmet food in Durham… …as for the kids, we can’t promise a holiday miracle.)

The Management and Staff at Pilar’s Catering would like to wish you a pre-emptive “Happy Holidays”!


Editor’s Note: To assure your complete enjoyment this holiday season, you need to call us as soon as possible. No, seriously. Call us. Don’t get caught without a stellar meal, especially when your guests arrive with their kids, their three-legged dog, and Weird Uncle Ernie, because “the retirement community is investigating where all of the silverware keeps disappearing to”. (Trust me, I’ve been there.)