And The Award Goes To…

Award Show Season is rapidly approaching.

After an uncharacteristically hot summer, we are swiftly coming into the fall season, and the weather is finally changing to deliver cooler temperatures. Along with the inevitable changing of the leaves, a new season of Award Shows is approaching, where we gather with friends around the TV, chat about who’s wearing what, who’s with who, and hotly debate who deserves to win the award for most talented in their field.


Behind the scenes, there are a number of people who are the unsung heroes of these events. Beyond the Stylists and Make-Up Artists, transforming our favourite stars into fashion icons, and the Gaffers and Grips who dutifully set up the lighting to get the stars in the perfect light, there are the Caterers and Craft Services, who make sure that the actors and actresses, singers, songwriters, producers and directors are all well fed, and happy.

It’s hard to think that some of our favourite stars actually ever have time to eat, given that we’re usually watching them performing their own stunts and hanging off the side of speeding car, or listening to them belt out the latest song while keeping up with their backup dancers. Behind the scenes can be a very busy place when the cameras aren’t rolling and the microphones aren’t on.

Whether working on a movie set, shooting a music video, or behind the scenes at an award show, the Management make sure that the stars are kept happy. This means keeping them well fed, and that is the important job of the Caterers and Craft Services.

The Craft Services Team handle the foods that the hard working men and women are able to grab as a quick snack. Sandwiches, trays piled high with various meats, fruits and vegetables, coffees, teas, drinks, and other assorted foods cover the tables, and must be replenished regularly, as there is never ‘down time’ at the Craft Services tables. People come and go constantly, and take a moment whenever they can, due to the business of the environment. There’s never slow time on set, and there’s never food left over at the end of the day.


During the award show season, professional caterers are called in to manage the stars’ culinary needs. Whether it’s making sure that the lobster is flown in fresh that morning, or just the right number of caviar adorn the top of the cracker, you can be certain that every little nuance is pored over by the catering team.

Meeting expectations and possibly even getting a quote in regards to the food (“The food was delicious! Thumbs up!” – Famous Action Movie Star) can launch a company into their own brand of stardom, while missing even the smallest item (“I asked for maple bacon flavoured water, not regular bacon flavoured water!” – Famous Musician) can result in endless reviews in the tabloids and ruin a stellar reputation.

Keeping people happy, through getting everything right, is the ever-important task of the catering team.

Whether you’re an avid film buff waiting to see your favourite stars walking the red carpet, or a music fan anxious to hear the latest popular song played live on the stage, you have a host of various Award Shows coming up before the end of 2016, and many opportunities to reconnect with friends for a get-together to watch them.

Award Show “Viewing Parties” are extremely popular, and give friends a great reason to host a fantastic event!

It’s not uncommon to find friends getting together frequently throughout awards season, and not just for a simple party with snacks and drinks. More and more, people are throwing lavish parties, or inviting their friends over for a themed get-together. Imagine spending time with your friends watching the awards, with every guest dressed as their favourite movie or TV character, or as famous musicians.

Another idea would be to further focus on a specific theme.

Getting together to watch the Academy Awards? Ask everyone to dress as a character from their favourite Oscar-nominated film. Watching the Emmys? Have your guests dress as characters from your favourite shows, such as 60’s inspired outfits from Mad Men, or in the styles from the 80’s from Saved By The Bell. If you’re spending time watching the Billboard Music Awards, imagine everyone dressed as their favourite musician from their favourite genre of music.

Engage your guests in great party games such as “Who Am I?” or break out the karaoke machine and bust out your best rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. (Trust me, if you’re singing this while dressed as Neil Diamond, it makes an impression.)

The number of unique and fun ideas are endless, and planning your event can be as much fun as the event itself.

Award Season is upon us, and it comes with the chance to reconnect with friends and exchange opinions about movies, TV and music, or simply enjoy the night and the company with some great food and drinks. So, prepare to walk the red carpet, hit your mark, and enjoy…

Lights, camera, action!